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Dale Carnegie, in his book, How to Win Friends & Influence People, has outlined six basic principles identified specifically for building friendships with people we meet and more importantly, for people to whom we wish to sell. January 23, 2014
Some of the most crucial interactions with a potential employer occur before you even set foot in their office for a job interview and in the time immediately following your interview. While acing the technical and soft-skills requirements of a job interview are up to you, here are some tips for handling the tricky times before and after that interview. Jan 27, 2014
If you want customers to buy from you, tell their story not your story. December 25, 2013
Just because the office is empty doesn't mean you can't stay busy. In fact, the slow holiday season may be the perfect time to catch up on your to-do list and make your 2014 work life a little easier. Before you opt for long lunches or spend hours on Facebook, check out these three productive things you can do when the office is slow. Feb 6, 2014
All the great advice about giving great presentations boils down to these five points. 2/09/2014 @ 10:02AM
A lot of companies and corporate leaders spend the bulk of their time worrying about growing or surviving. They don’t have time to think about who’s going to take over for them when they retire, assume a board-only role, get pushed under the bus by an ambitious underling or die in a Singaporean opium den—they’re not prepared to entertain a reality in which they are not in charge. Feb 11, 2014
Here's what the legendary leader can teach you about keeping a reasonable temperament during hard times.
Results: 28 Article(s) Found